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Gregory Stephanopoulos
Gregory Stephanopoulos
Jay D Keasling.

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Notes on metabolic engineering:



Copeland 2012. Computational tools for metabolic engineering:

Keasling 2012. Synthetic biology and the development of tools for metabolic engineering:

D. Chandran, F.T. Bergmann, H.M. Sauro. Computer-aided design of biological circuits using TinkerCell.



Model SEED:


Persons and researchg groups

Gregory Stephanopoulos

Jay D Keasling.


Metabolic Engineering:


Synthetic biology devices as tools for metabolic engineering:

Parts plus pipes: Synthetic biology approaches to metabolic engineering:

Martin, V. J. , Pitera, D. J. , Withers, S. T. , Newman, J. D. & Keasling, J. D. Engineering a mevalonate pathway in Escherichia coli for production of terpenoids. Nature Biotechnol. 21, 796–802 (2003

P.D. Karp, R. Caspi. A survey of metabolic databases emphasizing the MetaCyc family

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