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*[[Special:Emailuser/Jayajit Das|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
*[[Special:Emailuser/Jayajit Das|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
==Education and Professional Experience==
<!--Include info about your educational background-->
<!--Include info about your educational background-->
* 2005-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* 2005-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Contact Info

  • Jayajit Das
  • Assistant Professor
  • Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Biophysics Graduate Program and Department of Pediatrics, Ohio State University
  • Columbus, OH 43205.
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

Education and Professional Experience

  • 2005-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2002-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Berkeley
  • 2000-2002 Postdoctoral Fellow, Virginia Institute of Polytechnic and State University
  • 2000 Ph.D. Physics, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India
  • 1996 M.Sc. Physics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai (Madras) India
  • 1994 B.Sc. Physics, Presidency College, Kolkata(Calcutta), India

My lab uses theoretical and computational approaches based on statistical physics to uncover basic mechanistic principles underlying our innate and adaptive immune response. Obtaining such mechanistic principles from experimental observations alone is often difficult because the pertinent processes include co-operative dynamic events with many participating components. A further complication that confounds intuition is stochastic fluctuations in these systems with small numbers of molecules. However, by synergistically integrating observations from experiments with transgenic animals, single molecule techniques and imaging studies probing molecular events in live animals with these theoretical and computational approaches we can provide system-level understanding into such complex systems. The mechanistic insight gained from such studies not only will help develop future experiments to unravel basic principles of our immune system, but may also help envision therapeutic strategies for infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders.


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  2. Ashok Prasad, Julie Zikherman, Jayajit Das, Jeroen Roose, Arthur Weiss and Arup K. Chakraborty, "Origin of analog and digital thresholds for positive and negative selection of T cells in the thymus" PNAS, accepted for publication, 2008. [Paper2]
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