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[[Jeff:Chemostat operation | Chemostat operation]]
[[Jeff:Chemostat operation | Chemostat operation]]
[[Jeff:Quantitative cfu counting | Quantitative cfu counting]]

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Jeff Gritton


  • 2002-Present: PhD canditate in Biology at MIT
  • 2002: BS in Physics University of Utah


The goal of my research is to better understand the molecular architecture of evolved systems. I propose to complement the previous theoretical work on the architecture of evolved molecular systems [Savageau 1974, Hartwell et al. 1999] with an emphasis on developing an experimental foundation using the yeast pheromone response pathway as a model system. I intend to study how the yeast pheromone response pathway decays due to mutation. Specifically I plan to:

  1. Measure the rate of accumulation of loss of function mutations in the pheromone response pathway using both chemostat and batch culture experiments.
  2. Collect and assay mutants periodically from a growing chemostat culture. I will use complementation tests to characterize the distribution of mutations in the pheromone response pathway.
  3. Determine whether the sharing of protein components between the pheromone response and the high osmolarity glycerol (HOG) pathways allows selection for HOG function to have an affect on the rate of accumulation of pheromone response mutants.


Chemostat operation

Quantitative cfu counting

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