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#[[Sauer:In_vitro_degradation_of_GFP-ssrA_by_ClpXP|ATP Regeneration Mix]]
#[[Sauer:In_vitro_degradation_of_GFP-ssrA_by_ClpXP|ATP Regeneration Mix]]
#[[Sauer:Davis Minimal Media]]
#[[Jhdavis::4x reducing SDS-PAGE loading buffer]]

Current revision

I recently joined the Sauer Lab. clpX holla!!!!



  1. Western Blots by Eyal Jhdavis::Western::Eyal
  2. GFP Purification by organic extraction Jhdavis::GFPOrganic
  3. Expression/Prep of ClpXdN-linked Trimers Jhdavis::ClpXPrep
  4. Peptide cleavage Jhdavis::PeptideCleavage
  5. Flp recombinase Jhdavis::Flping
  6. ClpP his prep from Kim 2000 Jhdavis::ClpPHisPrep
  7. Sumo Protease expression/purification from Malakhov 2004 Jhdavis::SumoPrep
  8. regenerating qiagen columns Jhdavis::regenQiagen
  9. atpase notes Jhdavis::atpaseNotes
  10. Immunoprecipitation from eyal (sherman et. al. 1992 EMBO J) Jhdavis::Immunoprecip


  1. PD Buffer
  2. ATP Regeneration Mix
  3. YEG-Cl
  4. Sauer:Davis Minimal Media
  5. Jhdavis::4x reducing SDS-PAGE loading buffer



  1. Promoter standard
  2. novagen plasmid compatibility


  1. Image:Asdfsa.xlsx
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