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=Honors and Awards=
2002 San Marino High AMC & AIME top score and record holder. <br\>
2002 CSULB Math Day at the Beach, individual round 3rd place, team round 4th place. <br\>
2002 UCSB Math Contest, 2nd place. <br\>
2002 Pomona College Math Talent Search winner. <br\>
2002 member of Southern California ARML team, 2nd place in division B and 18th overall. <br\>

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Joe C. Liang

Ph.D. Candidate
Bioengineering -- Smolke Lab
Y2E2 Building, MC 4200
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: (650) 721-5884
madonjoe @ stanford . edu


Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering, Caltech, 2008-present
M.S, Chemical Engineering, Caltech, 2008
B.S, Chemical Engineering with Emphasis in Applied Physical Science, UC Berkeley, 2006

Research Interest

I am developing enabling technologies that support generation of RNA devices.


  1. Y-Junction Carbon Nanotube Implementation of Intramolecular Electronic NAND Gate
    Benjamin Gojman, Happy Hsin, Joe Liang, Natalia Nezhdanova, Jasmin Saini [liang1]
  2. Evaluation of Two Computational Models Based on Different Effective Core Potentials for Use in Organocesium Chemistry
    Streitwieser, A.; Liang, J. C.-Y.; Jayasree, E. G.; Hasanayn, F. J. Chem. Theory and Comput.; (Article); 2007; 3(1); 127-131 [liang2]
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