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Gene Expression and Development in Fungi Main project page
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Trichoderma & P. vulgaris interaction

Things to do

  • Capture VOCs

Things done

  • Abort capture.


  • Many beans are contaminated with fungi. :( sadly we need to wait for a new opportunity and new set to measuer VOCs.

Intergenic sequences in T.atroviride

Things to do

  • Analyze 20 matches.
  • Correct mistakes in coordinates in 0bp file. run Blast to overview check.
  • Run analysis again with FilteringBLASTsFromAugustusPredictions.R in /Scripts & Data.

Things done

  • Analyzed.
  • Corrected.
  • Re-analyzing.


  • Just 20 hits. Seems there is something wrong. I see the coordinates in 0bp file and they are wrong!!! in file GettingSequences.R (I cant find the Script were I extract 0,480,1020,770), but this one works. And I create the file IntergenicFastaCorrected.fas (extracts just 0bp seqs).
  • Re-analysing.


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