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  • Grow in solid medium BBa_B0015 and liquid for extraction.
  • See gel from extractions of pUX19 cut with SmaI.
  • Digestion of pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015 with XbaI to see size.

Gel of SmaI restriction

I expect 6.2Kbp~

Based on those results I will choose first extraction to PCR this match with the expected size too and it is a clean extraction.


Extraction of plasmid with biobrick pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015, performed with miniprep.

I just need it to see concentration for digestion.


Reactives μL
XbaI 1
Buffer4 NEB10X 2
BSA10X 2
DNA of pSB1AK3/BBa_B0015 12
H2O 3
Total 20

Over night reaction.

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