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<!-- Replace the PubMed ID's ("pmid=#######") below with the PubMed ID's for your publications.  You can add or remove lines as needed -->
<!-- Replace the PubMed ID's ("pmid=#######") below with the PubMed ID's for your publications.  You can add or remove lines as needed -->
#Paper1 pmid=6947258
#Paper1 pmid=17588266
#Paper2 pmid=13718526
#Paper2 pmid=18428731
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#Paper3 pmid=14980020
#Book1 isbn=0879697164
#Paper4 pmid=12540299
#Paper5 pmid=11984561
#Paper6 pmid=10860719
#Paper7 pmid=9931247
#Paper8 pmid=8893854
#Paper9 pmid=8643361

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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!


Contact Info

Kam D. Dahlquist, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, MS8220
Los Angeles, CA 90045 

I am the head of the Dahlquist Lab at Loyola Marymount University. I learned about OpenWetWare through a Google search when I was searching for a protocol online. I've joined because I run a lab with undergraduates at a primarily undergraduate institution and would like to post my protocols and supply lists online for easy access and to share them with the community.


  • 2000, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 1993, BA, Pomona College

Research interests

  1. The Global Transcriptional Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Cold Shock and Recovery
  2. Mathematical Modeling of the Transcriptional Network Controlling the Environmental Stress Response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  3. XMLPipeDB: A Reusable, Open Source Tool Chain for Building Relational Databases from XML Sources
  4. Identifying Soil Bacteria and Biochemical Pathways in the Ballona Wetlands for the Bioremediation of Organic Pollutants


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Error fetching PMID 11984561:
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  2. Error fetching PMID 18428731: [Paper2]
  3. Error fetching PMID 14980020: [Paper3]
  4. Error fetching PMID 12540299: [Paper4]
  5. Error fetching PMID 11984561: [Paper5]
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  7. Error fetching PMID 9931247: [Paper7]
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