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  • Make porphyrin solution with varied SO42- salts to uncover UV-Vis limit of detection (LOD)
  • Take UV-Vis of porphyrin solution with diluted varied SO42- salts

UV-Vis Limit of Detection For Salts

To find the limit of detection for the 10mM salts(Fe2(SO4)3, Al3(SO4)3, FeSO4, & Na2SO4) originally prepared 10/26/12, UV-Vis was run for each salt at various volumes added to a prepared porphyrin solution. A total of 16 solutions were prepared.

Solution of 1.89 μM porphyrin

  (94.45 μM)(V1)=(1.89 μM)(10mL)
   V1 = 0.2mL of 94.45 μM porphyrin
Porphyrine Al2(SO4)3 concentration Fe2(SO4)3 concentration FeSO4 concentration Na2SO4 concentration Volume of Water Added [mL]
1.89 µM1 mM1 mM1 mM1 mM9.9
1.89 µM2 mM2 mM2 mM2 mM9.8
1.89 µM5 mM5 mM5 mM5 mM9.5
1.89 µM10 mM10 mM10 mM10 mM9

UV-Vis Spectrums: 1.89μM Porphyrin Solution w/ Varied Salts & Salt Concentrations





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