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  • Make porphyrin solution with varied SO42- salts to uncover UV-Vis limit of detection (LOD)
  • Take UV-Vis of porphyrin solution with diluted varied SO42- salts

UV-Vis Limit of Detection For Salts

STOCK SOLUTION OF PORPHYRIN STARTED WITH CONCENTRATION OF 94.45μM, DILUTE SOLUTION TO GIVEN CONCENTRATION LISTED To find the limit of detection for the 10mM salts (Fe2(SO4)3, Al3(SO4)3, FeSO4, & Na2SO4) originally prepared 10/26/12, UV-Vis was run for each salt at various volumes added to a prepared porphyrin solution. A total of 16 solutions were prepared.

Solution of 1.89 μM porphyrin

  (94.45 μM)(V1)=(1.89 μM)(10mL)
   V1 = 0.2mL of 94.45 μM porphyrin
Porphyrine Al2(SO4)3 concentration Fe2(SO4)3 concentration FeSO4 concentration Na2SO4 concentration Volume of Water Added [mL]
1.89 µM1 mM1 mM1 mM1 mM9.9
1.89 µM2 mM2 mM2 mM2 mM9.8
1.89 µM5 mM5 mM5 mM5 mM9.5
1.89 µM10 mM10 mM10 mM10 mM9

UV-Vis Spectrums: 1.89μM Porphyrin Solution w/ Varied Salts & Salt Concentrations





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