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Hydrogel Pressure Testing Protocol (Straight Pippette)

  1. Select a hydrogel for pressure analysis and measure out ~ 0.1 grams of the sample
  2. Next, using a razor blade cut the hydrogel for testing into small cubes in order to fit into the Pasteur pippette
  3. Once placing the sample in a Pasteur pipette, attach a rubber bulb to the top of the pipette, and allow 3mL of distilled H2O enter into the pipette by squeezing rubber bulb
  4. Progressively squeeze the bulb in order to expel the 3mL of H2O and apply a pressure to the hydrogels – dispensing Rhodamine 6G dye (dye leaching)
  5. Collect the expelled samples into a small 25mL beaker in order to fluorescence detection analysis

Microspheres: Separation & Vacuum Filtration Procedures


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