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Karmella's BioBrick Cloning Main project page
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  • Check MV9 clones

MV9 clones

  • Picked colonies from last cloning attempt. Streaked on LB amp agar.
  • Grew up 2 mL cultures overnight and did minipreps.


  • Check with S/X digests
    • S present in upstream cloning sites, X inside the new insert
Reagent Volume Expected:
1-4. BB 1 = size
Hover name
15 μL/lane; 1% agarose; Ladder
DNA(plasmid) 3.0 μL
10X buffer 1.5
EcoRI 1.0
PstI 1.0
dH2O 8.5
  15 μL --> 37°C/ ~15 min.

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