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Illumina ChIP-seq

  • ChIP DNA prep for Illumina:
  • Fasta --> BAM files: Mark Teng from the Dinu lab (TGEN)
  • Enrichment analysis (DNASTAR software)
    • BAM --> peaks/ enrichment histograms workflow 12/13/2012
    • BAM --> wig files for UCSC browser workflow 01/07/2013

Cell Type Study

  • Carly Hom - Express PcTF (KAH126) in K-562 and SK-N-SH

PcTF-Reporter Activation

  • Measure range of PcTF expression in transiently transfected cells - flow cytometry, 06/02/13

Synthetic Repression

  • Gal4-EED/luc staining experiments

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