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  • qRT-PCR experiment - PlateK562_1/ U2OS
  • U2OS RT-PCR - RNA extraction & cDNA synthesis

RNA Extraction

  • Use combined TRIzol/ spin column metod. Use RNeasy Mini Kit.

Samples (TRIzol-lysed U2OS samples from -80°C freezer)

  1. Tube 1-A (+PcTF)
  2. Tube 1-A (+PcTF)
  3. Tube 4-A (mock)
  4. Tube 4-A (mock)

Procedure notes (based on Carly's notes from 1/10/13)
TRIzol steps

  • Clean all work surfaces and pipettors with RNase-zap.
  • Thaw TRIzol-lysed cells at room temp
  • Under fume hood: Add 100 μL chloroform to each sample
  • Shake vigorously (by inverting tubes) for 20 sec. Let sit at room temp. for 2 min.
  • Centrifuge in cold room for 15 min @ 12,000G
  • Pipet off clear phase from organic phase (pink) into new tube (AVOID THE PINK PHASE)
  • Check volume of clear phase (in new tubes). Add same volume of 70% ethanol, RNase-free. Mix and incubate at room temp (refer to RNeasy protocol)

Spin-column steps

  • Open up one pink, sealed spin-column (with attached cap) per sample, label it, and place into collection tube(s).
  • Transfer RNA/ethanol mix to each spin column.
  • Spin tubes at top speed for 30 sec (room temp).
  • Discard flow-through liquid and add 700μL of RW1 Buffer to the spin column.
  • Spin tubes at top speed for 30 sec (room temp).
  • Put collection vial in a fresh collection tube and discard the old one.
  • --> Add 500μL of RBE Buffer to the spin column.
  • Spin tubes at top speed for 30 sec (room temp) then discard the liquid flow-through.
  • Repeat the above two steps again. -->
  • Discard the flow-through and spin again.
  • Transfer liquid to a fresh 1.5 mL tube (RNase-free) and add 30 μL of RNase-free H2O.
  • Let tubes sit for 1 min at room temp.
  • Spin tubes for 1 min (room temp).
  • Store at -80°C or proceed to RNA concentration measurement.

cDNA Synthesis

  • Use Superscript III kit (freezer)

Procedure notes

  • Kit components kept on ice: RNase H, SS III RT, and RNase out
  • Kit components thawed at Room temp: Oligo nT, RT Buffer, MgCl2, dNTP mix, water, DTT

qRT-PCR - Plate K562_1/ U2OS

  Template Gene Target
Rxn 1:treated cellsKIT, primers 13/14
Rxn 2:treated cellsTNFRSF11A, primers 15/16
Rxn 3:treated cellsEGFR, primers 17/18
Rxn 4:treated cellsWT1, primers 19/20
Rxn 5:treated cellsHLF, primer 21/22
Rxn 6:treated cellsBCL6, primer 23/24
Rxn 7:treated cellsmCh
Rxn 8:treated cellsref. gene, GAPD
Rxn 9:untreated cellsKIT, primers 13/14
Rxn 10:untreated cellsTNFRSF11A, primers 15/16
Rxn 11:untreated cellsEGFR, primers 17/18
Rxn 12:untreated cellsWT1, primers 19/20
Rxn 13:untreated cellsHLF, primer 21/22
Rxn 14:untreated cellsBCL6, primer 23/24
Rxn 15:untreated cellsmCh
Rxn 16:untreated cellsref. gene, GAPD
Rxn 17:no templateKIT, primers 13/14
Rxn 18:no templateTNFRSF11A, primers 15/16
Rxn 19:no templateEGFR, primers 17/18
Rxn 20:no templateWT1, primers 19/20
Rxn 21:no templateHLF, primer 21/22
Rxn 22:no templateBCL6, primer 23/24
Rxn 23:no templatemCh
Rxn 24:no templateref. gene, GAPD

Primer/Probe Master Mixes (8 total)

Reagent (Single well) Gene Target 1 - 7 (x10) Gene Target GAPD (x10)
2x LC480 Probes Master(7.5 μL)7575
20 μM Forward primer(0.3 μL)33.0 GAPD primers*
20 μM Reverse primer(0.3 μL)3---
10 μM UPL probe(0.3 μL)33.0 GAPD UPL probe*
PCR H2O(0.1 μL)14
Total vol.(8.5 μL)8585

Template Master Mixes

  • Use 1:10 dilution of cDNA for targets
  • Use 1:100 dilution of cDNA for GAPD
Reagent (Single well) treated cDNA Template (x25) untreated cDNA Template (x25) no Template (x25)
diluted cDNA(2.0 μL)5050---
PCR H2O(4.5 μL)112.5112.5162.5
Total vol.(6.5 μL)162.5162.5162.5

96-well plate

  • First of each triplicate well, add 25.5 Primer/Probe MM + 19.5 Template MM
  • Transfer 15 μL from well 1 to wells 2 and 3 for each set

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