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* [[Katpak:m1d1| 20.109 Mod1Day1 Q&A]]
* [[Katpak:m1d1| 20.109 Mod1Day1 Q&A]]
* [[Katpak:m1d2| 20.109 Mod1Day2 Q&A]]
* [[Katpak:m1d2| 20.109 Mod1Day2 Q&A]]
* [[Katpak:m3d2| 20.109 Mod3 Research Proposal]]

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Ekaterina (Kat) Pak

Department of Biological Engineering
Cambridge, MA


Biological Engineering
MIT, Class of 2009

Lab Experience

Summer 2007: I worked at Caltech on the iGEM project. Specifically, I was working on the design and implementation of riboregulators. January 2006-June 2007: I worked in Prof. Shuguang Zhang's lab at MIT on a fusion protein for error correction in DNA synthesis. August 2004-August 2005: I worked at the Public Health Research Institute in Newark, New Jersey on developing a diagnostic assay to detect pathogenic species in humans with molecular beacons.

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