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#Laurent pmid=8182454
#Laurent pmid=8182454
#Leitch pmid=8876449
#Leitch pmid=8876449
#Carnevale isbn=0521843219
#Pelz pmid=10200210
#Pelz pmid=10200210
#Perez-Orive pmid=15229251
#Perez-Orive pmid=15229251
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#Schafer pmid=7519255
#Schafer pmid=7519255
#Su pmid=14534259
#Su pmid=14534259
#Carnevale isbn=0521843219
#Traub pmid=7110586
#Traub pmid=7110586
#Turrigiano pmid=7538565
#Turrigiano pmid=7538565

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