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Project Description/Abstract

  • I am trying to create a shuttle vector for Halobacterium NCR-1. To do this, I am synthesizing the HF2 origin of replication, then, using the gibson assembly, will put it into a custom vector as well, with pUC19 origin, chloramphenicol resistance gene, and the green fluorescent protein. The first tests will be "does chloramphenicol affect Halobacterium?". If it does not, then I will just have to find another resistance gene. This will also answer a number of questions such as does the salt concentration in the media affect the GFP protein.
  • Questions - Can chloramphenicol "kill" Halobacterium? Does the T7 promoter "work" in Halobacterium? Is the GFP protein affected by salt concentrations? How do we most efficiently transform Halobacterium NCR-1? More to be answered...


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