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  • Run 15 hour cell growth experiment with silver incorporated clay/polymer film and clay/polymer film made on 2013/04/03


  • Starter culture was thawed in room temperature.
  • 3mL of sterile LB media was pipetted into falcon tube to resuspend pellet
  • 1mL of resuspended culture was pipetted into each 50mL sterilized LB.
  • Above two processes were repeated for six more times to make a total of 7 cell cultures in 7 flasks.
  • First flask including LB and cell serve as control.
  • One of each LMT+AG200D film was placed in three other flasks, respectively.
  • One of each AG-incorporated LMT+AG200D film was placed in the last three flasks, respectively.
  • All flasks were placed in incubator shaker for 15 hours, 230rpm, at 37°C.
  • Absorbance of 3mL cell culture was taken every three hours using UV-vis spectrometer at 600.0nm.
  • The absorbance of all cell culture was measured against water.
  • Results were shown in results section.


  • Absorbance of LB is 0.7 at 600nm.
  • See table below for data point collected.
Hour Control (LB+cell) LB+Cell+clay/polymer film #1 LB+Cell+clay/polymer film #2 LB+Cell+clay/polymer film #3 LB+cell+silver incorporated clay/polymer film #1 LB+cell+silver incorporated clay/polymer film #2 LB+cell+silver incorporated clay/polymer film #3
  • Graph below shows the relationship between cell growth and time.

[Image:15 hours experiment.png|600px]

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