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  • Attempt two different methods of synthesizing silver-incorporated clay/polymer film.


  • For the new method, poly(acetic) acid was dissolved in a small beaker with stir bar with the addition of dichloromethane.
  • Carefully measured silver nitrate, and leponite are added to the mix while stirring.
  • At the same time, another film was made through the original method.
  • See Melissa's Notebook for detailed procedures.


  • From data obtained from 2013/04/07, silver particles inside the film were not leaking out of the film when in LB media for 15 hours. After extensive research, it has been found that silver incorporated films release silver particles over a period of 8 days. The slow release of silver particles serve the benefit of long antibacterial activity.
  • Because silver was found to leak over long period of time, we intend to perform a study that test the leaking of silver particles from silver-incorporated clay films over a period of 8 days. This procedure will be performed after successful synthesis of new silver-incorporated clay/polymer films.
  • Furthermore, for more data, we attempted at synthesizing silver-incorporated clay/polymer film with a new procedure. The new procedure entails stirring silver nitrate, leponite, and dissolved polymer at the same time. So far it is unknown whether this method would result in successful silver-incorporated clay/polymer film. This film will be tested along with films made from original method to test silver leaking in solution.

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