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  • DAY 6 - Continue with running the 8-day study on cell growth in media containing films that has been soaking for 2 to 8 days.


  • The flasks were taken out from orbital shaker.
  • 3mL of cell culture were taken from each flasks in a 4mL glass cuvette.
  • The absorbance for the 3mL cell culture was taken with wavelength 600.0nm.
  • Absorbances were recorded.
  • The above three procedures were repeated every three hours for a time span of 15 hours.


  • A 15-Hour Study on Cell Growth on 6th Day of the 8-day Cell Growth Experiment graph was plotted. The graph is plotted with absorbance at 600nm against time in 2-hour increments.
  • In flasks containing the control film and without film, absorbance increases throughout time and eventually plateaus. However, in flask containing silver-incorporated film, the absorbance remained low until the 9th hour, then increases exponentially.

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