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Contact Info

Kristoffer T. Chin
Kristoffer T. Chin

About Me

  • Currently a student at Loyola Marymount University: Bachelor of Science in Biology 2010.
    • The field of biology motivates an advance to my knowledge in the process of life, specifically humans and animals. I especially enjoy that the subject covers the smallest to the largest aspect of life and intertwining it.
    • In the future, I am determine to obtain a Masters in Business Administration
  • I am Filipino/Chinese and enjoy watching sports specifically: Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Football.
  • Family owns an Auto Body Shop called Carfix AutoBody Located in Covina, CA
  • Career Goals
    • Doctor of Medicine: Anesthesiology, Orthepedic, or Plastic Surgeon


  • Loyola Marymount University BS Biology 2010
    • Courses:
      • Biochemistry, Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Plant Development, Intro to Probablities & Statistics, Cell Biology, Cell Biology Lab, Ecology, Ecology Lab, Epidemiology, Bio Informatics Lab, Gene Expression Seminar

Research Paper: Compromise of reproduction with respect to defense in Ricinus communis fruit and number of visiting ants and EFN glands

BIOL398-01: Bioinformatics Lab

  • Lab Journal
Kristoffer Chin: Week 2 Kristoffer Chin: Week 6 Kristoffer Chin: Week 11
Kristoffer Chin: Week 3 Kristoffer Chin: Week 7 Kristoffer Chin: Week 12
Kristoffer Chin: Week 4 Kristoffer Chin: Week 8 Kristoffer Chin: Week 13
Kristoffer Chin: Week 5 Kristoffer Chin: Week 9 Kristoffer Chin: Week 14

  • Shared Journal
BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 2 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 6 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 11
BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 3 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 7 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 12
BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 4 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 8 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 13
BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 5 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 9 BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 14

  • Assignments
BIOL398-01/S10:Week 2 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 6 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 11
BIOL398-01/S10:Week 3 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 7 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 12
BIOL398-01/S10:Week 4 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 8 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 13
BIOL398-01/S10:Week 5 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 9 BIOL398-01/S10:Week 14


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