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* [[user:Macowell/Making iGEM Better|Making iGEM Better]]
* [[user:Macowell/Making iGEM Better|Making iGEM Better]]
* [[User:Mackenzie_L._Cowell/sandbox]]

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I'm Mac Cowell. I studied Biology at Davidson College under Malcolm Campbell and Laurie Heyer and I work at MIT helping run iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition. Besides synthetic biology and science 2.0, many of my interests revolve around the ways technology can encourage and enable spontaneous cooperation; for instance, flashmobs and alternate reality games.

I'm online:, twitter, Facebooke. Aim: cxmac2 flickr, You can find lots of awesome resources about making videos and distributing them online at

You can email me through OWW.

Papers and Presentations

  • DIYbio at Ignite Boston 5 (2009)
  • Presentation to In-Q-Tel for Synthetic Biology Focus Day (Feb 2009) Image:DIYbio In-Q-Tel.pdf
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