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June 20, 2013

Sample Prep: New DNA/ThT Solutions

  • Prepare new 1000nM, 1200nM, 1455nM, 2910nM, and 4000nM DNA with 2.5uM ThT samples
  • Run absorbance and fluorescence
  • Create calibration graph

Silica-Coating Procedure

  • Silica-coating procedure from 05/24/2013 performed
    • 1mL AuNPs/20uL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL isopropanol
    • 1mL AuNPs/40uL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL isopropanol
    • 1mL AuNPs and MHA solution/5uL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL isopropanol
  • Take absorbance spectra of original AuNPs and three silica-coated AuNP solutions

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