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(July 5, 2013)
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All DNA/MB samples run three times, for 500s.<br.>
Calibration Graph:<br.>

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July 5, 2013

FCS Sample Prep

  • Green fluorescent beads
    • 10000x diluted, run 3x for 90s
  • PBS
    • To check for background, run 3x for 200s
  • DNA/MB
    • 125/100pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 100/80pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 75/60pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 50/40pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 25/20pM, run 3x for 500s

FCS Data

Graphs generated using Igor Pro.

10000x diluted green fluorescent beads were used to align the laser. Sample was run three times, for 90s each.

PBS run to check for background fluorescence. Sample was run three times, 200s each to eliminate noise.




All DNA/MB samples run three times, for 500s.

Calibration Graph:

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