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(Procedure:Silica-coating AuNPs by MHA, Day Two Round 2)
(July 23, 2013)
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#*Re-suspend particles in 140uL PBS (per solution)
#*Re-suspend particles in 140uL PBS (per solution)
#**Dilute each solution 10 and 100 times
#**Dilute each solution 10 and 100 times
*Samples of the AuNPs with MHA dissolved in both isopropanol and PBS will be centrifuged and redispersed, like all the other samples, so abosrbance measurements taken of them can serve as a comparison
===Absorbance Measurements===
===Absorbance Measurements===
===Notes from Meeting===
===Notes from Meeting===

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July 23, 2013

Procedure:Silica-coating AuNPs by MHA, Day Two Round 2

  • Day Two:
    • Prepare the following solutions:
  1. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, isopropanol/4μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  2. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, isopropanol/3μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  3. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, isopropanol/2μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  4. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, isopropanol/1μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  5. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/4μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  6. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/3μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  7. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/2μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
  8. 1mL 9.4nM, 9.65nm AuNP&MHA, PBS/1μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL propanol
    • Stir solutions for one hour to allow reaction to proceed
    • Centrifuge solutions at 4000 rpm for one hour
    • Re-suspend particles in 140uL PBS (per solution)
      • Dilute each solution 10 and 100 times

Absorbance Measurements

Notes from Meeting

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