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(July 29, 2013)
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(July 29, 2013)

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July 29, 2013

Absorbance Data: AuNPs@SiO2

Silica-coated AuNPs made with MHA dissolved in water (heated to 130C in order for MHA to dissolve) vs. MHA dissolved in isopropanol (not heated; MHA soluble in organic solvents).


Spectra for silica-coated AuNPs made with MHA dissolved in water is consistent with spectra found in the literature. The noticeable shift towards the right in the spectra for silica-coated AuNPs made with MHA dissolved in isopropanol is indicative of aggregation. Additionally, the AuNPs-MHA in isopropanol solution was a deep purple color, also consistent with aggregation, while the AuNPs-MHA in water was the characteristic pink color of gold nanoparticles in solution.

For NIST Tomorrow

  • 9.65nm, 23.5nM AuNPs
  • 9.65nm, 4.7nM AuNPs with MHA (in water)
  • AuNPs@SiO2- MHA in water
    • 5uL
    • 4uL
    • 3uL
    • 2uL
    • 1uL

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