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in 2007 i started my independent junior research group at the leibniz institute of plant biochemistry in halle, germany. my lab studies hormone responses in the model plant arabidopsis thaliana and related brassicaceae employing mainly genetic approaches such as forward genetic screens or making use of naturally occurring genetic variation in the global gene pool of arabidopsis.


contact info

in real life i am very much interested in figuring out how to 'hands-free-noodle-feed' my son without getting completely tomato-sauced myself ...
in real life i am very much interested in figuring out how to 'hands-free-noodle-feed' my son without getting completely tomato-sauced myself ...
  • marcel quint
  • leibniz institute of plant biochemistry
  • independent junior research group
  • weinberg 03
  • 06120 halle
  • Email me through OpenWetWare or mquint AT ipb-halle DOT de


  • 2004-2007, postdoctoral fellow, university of minnesota-twin cities; advisor: bill gray
  • 2003, phd, universitaet hohenheim, germany; advisors: ae melchinger and thomas luebberstedt
  • 1998, msc/diplom, universitaet hannover, germany; advisor: g wricke

research interests

generally plant genetics and in particular:

  • arabidopsis hormone signaling
  • auxin response
  • natural variation
  • SCF-complexes and the ubiquitin-proteasome system


i am teaching a number of genetics courses and labs → check this site for details


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