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Vibrio cholerae
Vibrio cholerae
site-specific recombination-based engineering tool to massively reorganize V. cholerae's genome
site-specific recombination-based engineering tool to massively reorganize V. cholerae's genome
Genome rearrangement events occuring within a single colony
Genome rearrangement events occuring within a single colony

Marie-Eve VAL
Unité "Plasticité du Génome Bactérien"
Département Génomes et Génétique
25 rue du Dr. Roux
75724 PARIS cedex 15
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Research interests

I am a post-doctoral research fellow in Didier Mazel's lab at the Institut Pasteur of Paris. I have a great interest in bacterial genome structuration, organization and maintenance ... and a special interest in multipartite genomes. Owing to its bi-chromosomal genome architecture and its importance in public health, Vibrio cholerae, the causative agent of cholera, has become a preferred model to study bacteria with multipartite genomes. My approach is to drastically alter V. cholerae’s genome structure to gain more insight into multipartite genomes. To do so, I developed a site-specific recombination-based engineering tool, which provides us with a powerful means to massively reorganize in principle any prokaryotic genome. The laboratory of Didier Mazel was an ideal place to initiate such a project since they have developed a large set of genetic tools to work in the vibrios and Didier Mazel has substantial knowledge and experience in site-specific recombination, bacterial genetics and genome analysis.


Professional Training


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