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(PCR mutation)
(PCR mutation)
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<math>\frac{0.46E6 ng}{x \mu L}</math> = <math>\frac{100 ng}{1 \mu L}</math>
<math>\frac{0.46E6 ng}{x \mu L}</math> = <math>\frac{100 ng}{1 \mu L}</math> of primer in water = 4600 μL of water

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PCR mutation

  • In reference to the PCR Mutation protocol, 100 ng/μL of the primer was needed for the reaction. The weight of the primer in the provided container was 0.46 mg. A ratio of the weight over volume was equated to the required concentration of the primer:

0.46 mg = 0.46E6 ng

\frac{0.46E6 ng}{x \mu L} = \frac{100 ng}{1 \mu L} of primer in water = 4600 μL of water

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