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Dialysis Results

  • Dialysis tubes were prepared for adenosine deaminase (ADA) fractions 2 and 8 on 11/14/12. The ADA were removed from the dialysis tubes.
  • ADA fraction 2 appeared clear and colorless with no signs of precipitation.
  • ADA fraction 8 precipitated out of solution.

Kinetics of ADA

  • The activity of ADA was measured by monitoring the absorbance of inosine over time.


  • The trends among runs 1, 2, and 3 seem consistent. The increase of the concentration of the enzyme with each addition increases the rate of production of inosine with respect to time.

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Volume of ADA (μL) Concentration of ADA (μM) Volume of phosphate buffer (mL) Concentration of phosphate buffer (M) Volume of adenosine (μL) Concentration of adenosine (mM)

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