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From yesterday.

Only the swMb cells grew. I'll have to try the pQE-80 again in amp just to check ... I extracted the DNA using the Wizard miniprep protocol and reagents.

I measured the DNA concentrations for the 4 samples prepared using UV Vis (diluting each sample 2uL sample into 200uL total).

The final concentrations were estimated to be: 30, 40, 25, and 35 ug/mL respectively.

I combined all of the samples, placed them in an eppy tube, poked holes in the cap, froze the eppy/sample, and lyophilized them for 5 hours. After all of the solvent had evaporated, I labeled the sample pT7-7/WT swMb lyophilized, and placed it in the freezer in the myoglobin box.


I removed the samples from yesterday's Mb lyophilizing. However, there was still solid water in the samples. So I returned them to the lyophilizer.


Abigail removed the MOF synthesis (from yesterday) from the oven at around 9:30am to allow the sample to cool down. There was a white ppt at the bottom of the flask and the surrounding liquid was yellow. Abigail filtered the sample. We still need to analyze the solid (by powder x-ray diffraction) and the liquid (by UV-Vis, Fluorescence, mass spec, LC)

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