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Quick link: iGEM:Harvard/2006



Week 1

Wed Jun 14

Transformation of standard components

  • cultured bacteria did grow overnight
  • 1 mL of each tube reserved to make glycerol stock
  • extracted DNA from remaining 4 mL using standard protocol, used water for final extraction

Tue Jun 13

DNA nanostructure reaction PCR

  • order of lanes: 1) 1kb ladder, 2) full rxn (oligos + scaffold), 3) just scaffold, 4) just oligos
  • run on 2% agarose gel
  • appears that reaction was successful (upload gel image)

Transformation of standard components

Mon Jun 12

DNA nanostructure reaction PCR

Transformation of standard components


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Other projects

My work in Biophysics 101

Contact info

Email me: (my last name) at fas dot harvard dot edu

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