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Odom laboratory

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Michael D. Wilson, PhD
Clare Hall Research Fellow
University of Cambridge
Cancer Research UK - Cambridge Research Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way, Cambridge,
email: michael.wilson ^at^ cancer ^dot^ org ^uk^


Research Interests

Current Research

Evolution of transcription factor binding

An experimental and global comparison of core transcriptional regulatory programs in human to other model organisms will provide insight into the transcription factor binding events that are essential for liver function in mammals. We are detecting evolutionarily conserved regulatory protein binding events and their underlying DNA sequence and are also identifying novel, species-specific binding events. By identifying transcriptional regulatory networks in healthy tissue, we can make comparisons to cancerous, damaged or developing tissues. Furthermore, the methodology, and reagents developed here, will be directly applicable to future studies using a variety of tissues and tumours.


PhD, Department of Biology, University of Victoria.
B.Sc., University of Victoria. Biochemistry and Hispanic studies.


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