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Run SDS-PAGE on the amount of hemoglobin from yesterday's lab.


The procedure came from Dr. Hartings' lab notebook. Two additional samples were made using the 2 nM of pepsin and 0.2μM of pepstatin solutions yesterday. It was prepared just like the SDS-PAGE samples except stored in a refrigerator.


Observations of the SDS-PAGE with the samples from yesterday.

Image:9 25 2013 cmj SDSPAGE gel.png

  • For the wells going left to right:
  1. pepstatin 1
  2. pepsin 1
  3. pepsin 2
  4. pepstatin 4
  5. hemoglobin
  6. pepstatin 3
  7. pepsin 3
  8. pepsin 4
  9. pepstatin 2
  10. pepsin stock
  11. pepstatin stock

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