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  • Remake 2.5 mM luminol stock solution and 2.3 μL HRP solution to continue HRP chemiluminescence assay.
  • Make starter culture media and expression culture media to use with E. coli cells expressing adenosine deaminase enzyme.

Luminol Stock Solution in H2O and Carbonate Buffer

  • Please refer to entry on 2012/09/19 for luminol stock solution protocol and calculations.
    • Actual mass luminol: 0.00443 g
    • Actual concentration luminol: 2.5 mM
    • Actual mass Na2CO3: 0.08 g
    • Actual mass naHCO3: 0.48 g

Horseradish Peroxidase Chemiluminescence Assay

  • Note that the HRP solution was further diluted in an attempt to slow the reaction rate such that the reaction progress could be observed via fluorescence.

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