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  • Filter the cell protein solution made on 2012/10/02 to obtain ADA using fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC).
  • Abigail E. Miller 18:17, 7 October 2012 (EDT):chromatography and filtering are both forms of separation but are not the same thing.
  • Make 10 mL of Au/BSA solutions at the usual mole ratios for atomic absorption.
  • Abigail E. Miller 18:17, 7 October 2012 (EDT):"usual mole ratios" doesn't mean anything. be specific

  • Abigail E. Miller 18:19, 7 October 2012 (EDT):where is the information about separating the ADA? how was it done? what conditions and parameter were important? what buffers were used?

Au/BSA Solutions for AA

  • Due to a miscalculation, the stock solutions for HAuCl4 and for BSA were combined. The total number of moles of BSA and moles of HAuCl4 in this new solution were calculated and then new volumes of BSA stock solution were determined:
  • Abigail E. Miller 18:18, 7 October 2012 (EDT):give what you initially created to then combine. what was the original stock solution. what volumes of gold nad BSA were mixed before combining?
Stock Solution Concentrations [M] '

  • There are 0.00000208 mol of HAuCl4 per 0.00008 L of solution.
  • There are 2.4E-10 mol of BSA per 0.00008 L of solution.
  • Please refer to the following table for calculations and concentrations:
Au:BSA Mol BSA Needed Mol BSA Added Volume BSA Added [L] Volume BSA Added [uL]

  • The protocol for making the AA Au/BSA solutions is as follows:
    1. Add 80 μL of Au/BSA stock solution to each test tube.
    2. Then add the given volumes of BSA stock solution to each test tube (refer to Volume BSA Added [μL]).
    3. Dilute all solutions to a final volume of 10 mL.
    4. Place the solutions in an 80°C oven for 4 hours.

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