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  • Make 50 mL 5 M KNO3 solution for ionic strength adjustments with silver ion-selective electrode.
  • Make LB/agar solution.
  • Make PLA2002D + 5wt% Laponite (PLA + 5LMT) using dichloromethane.

Calculations for 5 M KNO3

  MW KNO3: 101.10 g/mol
  0.050 L × 5 M KNO3 = 0.25 mol KNO3
  0.25 mol KNO3 × (101.10 g/1 mol KNO3) = 25.275 g KNO3
  • Actual mass KNO3: 25.2756 g
  • KNO3 was placed in a glass screw-top bottle and 50 mL of pure H2O was added. The solution was stirred and heated at 70°C for 3 hours to dissolve the KNO3.

PLA2002D + 5wt% Laponite Film

  • 1 g of PLA was dissolved in 10 mL of dichloromethane in a fume hood.
  • 0.05 g Laponite was dispersed in 5 mL of dichloromethane, and then added to the PLA solution.
  • The solution was stirred for 1 h and then cast into a Teflon dish.
  • The dish was left under the fume hood to encourage evaporation of the dichloromethane.

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