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  • Cast a 3 g film of PLA2002D + 10 wt% 100Ag-LMT.
  • Conduct silver ISE studies on samples of PLA2002D + 5 wt% LMT.
  • Make AgNO3 calibration solutions in polypropylene Falcon tubes ranging from 1 nM to 0.1 M.

PLA2002D + 10 wt% 100Ag-LMT Film

  • A solution of PLA2002D and 100Ag-LMT, made on 2013/03/05 was cast into a Teflon dish. Please refer to the entry on 2013/02/06 for the protocol.

ISE Study of PLA2002D + 5 wt% LMT

  • From a 3 g film of PLA2002D + 5 wt% LMT, made on 2013/02/19, three 0.5 g samples were cut with scissors. Each sample was placed in a 100-mL polypropylene beaker filled with 50 mL pure H2O and 1 mL of ionic strength adjuster (ISA). The control was a solution consisting of 50 mL pure H2O and 1 mL of ISA without a film in a polypropylene beaker.
  • The conductivity of each solution was measured with an Accumet silver/sulfide ISE every 30 min for a period of 2 h, then again after about 24 h.


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