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  • Test Cu+2 solutions with atomic absorption.
    • Generate a calibration curve from Cu+2 standards.
  • Crosslink films made on 2012/10/03.

PVOH Film Crosslinking

  • The three films that were prepared on User:Melissa_Novy/Notebook/CHEM-581/2012/10/03 were crosslinked.
  • Please refer to Moira Esson's entry for masses and volumes of crosslinking solutions used.
  • Note that the two crosslinking solutions are 1% HCl in water and 0.2 M NaHCO3.
    • There were no deviations from the standard crosslinking protocol.
    • About 0.5 g was cut from each film and then crosslinked. The rest of the film were saved for other analyses.

AAS Analysis

  • The AA was found to be clogged with gold particles, so all measurements made on 2012/10/05 must be redone after the AA is properly cleaned.

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