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UV/Vis analysis of Au/ADA solutions

  • Solutions prepared yesterday of 6.7-40 [Au/ADA] were analyzed

Image:Lastadafull.jpg Image:Lastatlast.jpg


  • Neither purple solution nor fibers were visible in the 33.3 and 36.7 [Au/ADA] solutions, although 26.7 and 33.3 were purple and 40 had fibers. The fact that these defy the trend indicate likely experimental error. Gold may have been stuck to the end of the tube, which can happen if the tubes are not shaken after everything is added. This would result in gold not making it into the solution, which would explain this.
  • We see an increase from 23.3 to 30, and fibers with no 528nm peak at 40, indicating that the optimal mole ratio range is between 30-40 [Au/ADA]. This range needs to be looked at further with more trials.

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