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  • View docking scores of screened compounds:
  1. Open Maestro
  2. Project->import structures: open grid_grid_SP_1500Flavanoids.pv
  3. Project Table: View docking scores (more negative docking score = better docking

  • Identify top score compound structures: (using project table)
    • Look at H bonds and fit of structure
    • Look at compounds with flavonoid similarity
      • sort by fpscreen_1 on table (larger the score the closer to flavanoid)
        • identify flavonoid structures by viewing compounds

  • Input ID numbers into Zinc database:
  1. View Vendors and avaliability
  • Choose Compounds to order and test


Docking Scores for the flavanoids:

Myricetin: -6.237

Kaempferol: -6.067

Quercetin: -5.905

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