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<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
*Complete Activity Assay for ADA
#UVProbe was opened.
#UVProbe was opened.

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  1. UVProbe was opened.
    1. Window > 1. Kinetics
    2. Methods Icon
      1. Wavelength: 265nm
      2. Duration: 300 seconds (5minutes)
      3. OK
  2. Shimadzu CPS-Controller was set to 25°C.
    1. wait for the temperature to raise to 25°C
  3. place the sample in the cell and click start.
  • Phosphate buffer was used as a blank and was used to create the baseline.
  • Kinetics was run at 265nm using 2.38mL phosphate buffer, 600μL of 500μM stock adenosine, and 20μL ADA (as outlined in the table below).
    • The velocity was determined by clicking Operations > Activity Table > dAbs. The average of the dAbs values is the average slope (velocity).

  • 5mM adenosine stock solution was too concentrated and exceeded the capacity of the UV-Vis therefore it was diluted:
    • 150 uM adenosine stock solution was used; (stock) 150uL 5mM stock + 850 uL buffer =750 uM ->use .6mL new stock for ADA assay
    • 200 uM adenosine stock solution was used: (stock) 200 uL 5mM stock+800 uL buffer = 1000uM ->use 0.6mL new stock for ADA assay
    • This table is the volumes of 5mM adenosine and phosphate buffer used to make the new adenosine stock solutions.
      • Image:Screen_Shot_2013-02-05_at_9.01.20_PM.png
    • This table is the updated table of the volumes and concentrations of solutions that will be added in the cuvette.
      • Image:Screen_Shot_2013-02-05_at_9.01.33_PM.png


Concentration of Adenosine (uM) Average Velocity over 30s (nm/sec)

1/[adenosine] (1/uM) 1/[velocity] (sec/nm)

  • Image:Graphsmn1.jpg
Vmax0.000162256 nm/sec
Km10.75 uM

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