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*Tattnauer Brinkman 3545M
*Tattnauer Brinkman 3545M
*Tabletop autoclave
*Tabletop autoclave

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  • Tattnauer Brinkman 3545M
  • Tabletop autoclave


  • Twist dial on bottom right corner to "Fill" and wait for water to fill up to the metal ridge near the door.
  • Insert the material that needs to be autoclaved.
  • Close the door and twist the door handle shut.
  • Set temperature and time
  • Turn knob to "sterilize"
  • Wait 30 minutes after sterilization is complete for pressure to reach 0psi, before openning autoclave.


  • After autoclaving, wait until pressure dial is at 0psi before opening the autoclave. This takes about 30 minutes.


  • 12.2" wide, 18.5" deep
  • 3.25L refillable water reservoir
  • corrosion resistant chamber
  • exhaust options

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