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  • Make 1:1 ratio of sulfate ions solution ( H2SO4, Fe2(SO4)3, FeSO4, Na2SO4, Al2(SO4)3).
  • Adsorption through films similar to clay films instead of clay :
    • 1.04 g Fe(II) Cl, 0.5 g Iron Sulfate, 1 film, and 40 ml H2O.
    • To precipitate iron oxide out of the solution NaOH ( 2.67 g in 10 ml H2O) was added drop wise with stirring.
    • The solution was then filtered using vacuum filtration and left to dry.
  • Add film with Porphyrin and glutaraldehyde to 1% solution of HCl and leave out until the next working day.


The following sulfate/porphyrin solutions were prepared and the absorbance was measured for each one between 200 and 800 nm by using UV/VIS instrument:

1) 1mL 50μM Na2SO4, 1mL 5μM porphyrin, 2 mL HPLC H2O

2) 1mL 50μM Fe2(SO4)3, 1mL 5μM porphyrin, 2 mL HPLC H2O

3) 1mL 50μM FeSO4, 1mL 5μM porphyrin, 2 mL HPLC H2O

4) 1mL 50μM H2SO4, 1mL 5μM porphyrin, 2 mL HPLC H2O

5) 1mL 50μM Al2(SO4)3




Note: The graph in the data section is a courtesy of Allison Alix.

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