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  1. Analyze all protein-AuNPs prepared on 11/06/2013 using UV/vis spectroscopy
  2. Prepare standard gold solutions to for analysis of protein-AuNP solutions prepared on 11/06/2013 and 10/30/2013 using AA spectroscopy


Figure 1. Corrected Absorbance Spectra of Lysozyme-AuNP solutions
Figure 2. Corrected Absorbance Spectra of Hemoglobin-AuNP solutions
Image:Corrected Absorbance Spectra of Hemoglobin-AuNP solutions ZEM .png


  • All protein-NP solutions prepared on User:Moira M. Esson/Notebook/CHEM-571/2013/11/06 formed protein fibers. However, some of the prepared solutions were stilled colored (purple color).Lysozyme solutions were more pinkish than hemoglobin, which had a darker color.
  • The solutions with color were:
    • Lysozyme 10:1
    • Lysozyme 15:1
    • Lysozyme 20:1
    • Lysozyme 25:1
    • Lysozyme 30:1
    • Lysozyme 35:1
    • Hemoglobin 30:1
    • Hemoglobin 50:1
    • Hemoglobin 70:1
    • Hemoglobin 90:1

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