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  1. DSC
  2. Fluorescence testing (protocol described last meeting)
  3. Microscopic analysis of N2 prep
  4. Centrifuge N2 prepared samples for analysis tomorrow


  • Please refer to Puja Mody's notebook for microscope data


  • The general protocol for magnetic testing described on 04/02/2014 was followed.

Figure 1. Intensity of R6G from hydrogels after application of an external magnetic stimuli Image:Magnetic Testing Day .png
Figure 2. R6G not absorbed by the hydrogels Image:Concentration Rhodamine 6G not absorbed by magnetite hydrogels .png

 As the intensities were so low for all of the hydrogels, this test will be repeated using a higher concentration of R6G and a modified method.


General Protocol for DSC samples:

  1. Equilibrate at 0°C
  2. Isothermal for 2 minutes
  3. Ramp 10°C/min to 240°C
  4. Isothermal for 2 min
  5. Ramp 100°C/min to -40°C
  6. Repeat segment 2, 1 time

  • Only one sample was fully analyzed due to lack of carrier gas. All samples will be re-run

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