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  1. Magnetic testing/Fluorescence
  2. Microscope (sonicated and oven samples prepared last week)
  3. Prepare sonicated samples (Au incorporated)


  • Please refer to Puja Mody's notebook for all microscope data

Sample preparation

Preparation of FeSO4 stock '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)278.01
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.3

Preparation of BSA stock '
Molecular weight (g/mol)66463
mass (g)0.0174
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)2.618E-05

Preparation of hemoglobin Stock solution '
Molecular weight (g/mol)64500
mass hemglobin (g)0.0995
volume solution (L)0.1
Concentration (M)1.54264E-05

Preparation of KNO3 '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)101.1
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.9

Preparation of KOH stock '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)56.11
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)1.1

Preparation gold stock '
Molecular weight Au (g/mol)393.83
mass Au(g)0.01446
volume stock(L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.003671635

Table...Magnetite:BSA preparation

Ratio Concentration BSA Volume BSA Added (mL) amount of FeSO4 added(mL) amount of KOH added (mL) amount of KNO3 added (mL) volume Water added (mL)

Table...Magnetite:Hemoglobin preparation

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