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  1. Magnetic testing/Fluorescence
  2. Microscope (sonicated and oven samples prepared last week)
  3. Prepare sonicated samples (Au incorporated)


  • Please refer to Puja Mody's notebook for all microscope data

Sample preparation

Table 1. FeSO4 stock preparation

Preparation of FeSO4 stock '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)278.01
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.3

Table 2. BSA stock preparation

Preparation of BSA stock '
Molecular weight (g/mol)66463
mass (g)0.0174
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)2.618E-05

Table 3. Hemoglobin stock

Preparation of hemoglobin Stock solution '
Molecular weight (g/mol)64500
mass hemglobin (g)0.0995
volume solution (L)0.1
Concentration (M)1.54264E-05

Table 4. KNO3 stock preparation

Preparation of KNO3 '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)101.1
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.9

Table 5. KOH stock solution preparation

Preparation of KOH stock '
Molecular Weight (g/mol)56.11
volume stock (L)0.01
Concentration (M)1.1

Table 6. Gold stock solution preparation

Preparation gold stock '
Molecular weight Au (g/mol)393.83
mass Au(g)0.01446
volume stock(L)0.01
Concentration (M)0.003671635

Table 7.Magnetite:BSA preparation

Ratio Concentration BSA Volume BSA Added (mL) amount of FeSO4 added(mL) amount of KOH added (mL) amount of KNO3 added (mL) volume Water added (mL)

Table 8.Magnetite:Hemoglobin preparation

Ratio Concentration Hemoglobin Volume Hemoglobin Added (mL) amount of FeSO4 added(mL) amount of KOH added (mL) amount of KNO3 added (mL) volume Water added (mL)

Table 9.Gold addition to Magnetite:BSA prep

Ratio Concentration BSA Volume BSA Added (mL) Volume Gold (mL) Volume Water(mL)

Table 10.Gold addition to Magnetite:Hemoglobin prep

Ratio Concentration Hemoglobin Volume Hemoglobin Added (mL) Volume Gold(mL) Volume Water(mL)

Atomic Absorption

  • Stock solutions were prepared for AA analysis tomorrow

Table 1. Preparation of Iron standards

Concentration Standard (ug/mL) Added Stock (mL)

Magnetic Stimulus Testing

General Protocol:

  1. Centrifuge the 1.5mL eppendorf tubes with the samples for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove R6G supernatant. Store in fresh eppendorf tube.
  3. Add 1.3mL deionized H2O to the eppendorf tube.
  4. Remove the deionized water.
  5. Repeat this rinsing process a minimum of three times.
  6. Add 1.3mL of water to the eppendorf tube.
  7. Centrifuge the sample for 15 minutes.
  8. Remove the deionized water and place in clean eppendorf for testing (see if dye is coming out with centrifuging).
  9. Add 1.5mL water to sample

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