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  1. AA
  2. DSC
  3. Microscope


  • Please refer to Puja Mody's notebook for all microscope data

Atomic Absorption

  • AA was used to analyze the presence of both iron and gold for all remaining samples

Figure 1. Calibration curve for iron standards
Figure 2. Calibration curve for gold standards
Table 1. Iron Atomic Absorption Analysis of samples

Sample name Concentration Iron in sample (ug/mL) Total concentration Iron originally in solution (ug/mL) Concentration Iron incorporated (ug/mL) Percent Iron incorporated (%)
13500:1 Mag:BSA N2 prep0.0222561521765.351765.32774499.99873928
13500:1 Mag:BSA N2 prep with Au0.0222199611765.351765.3277899.99874133
13000:1 Mag:BSA oven0.022246061765.351765.32775499.99873985
16500:1 Mag:Heme oven0.022240841765.351765.32775999.99874015
16500:1 Mag:Heme:Au oven0.0222382311765.351765.32776299.99874029
16500:1 Mag:Heme:Au sonicated0.0222208311765.351765.32777999.99874128
13500:1 Mag:BSA:Au sonicated0.0222077811765.351765.32779299.99874202
13000:1 Mag:BSA:Au oven0.0221808121765.351765.32781999.99874355

Table 2.Gold atomic absorption analysis of samples

Sample name Concentration Gold in sample (ug/mL) Total concentration Gold originally in solution (ug/mL) Concentration gold incorporated (ug/mL) Percent Gold incorporated (%)
13500:1 Mag:BSA N2 prep with Au0.0446734449.242549.1978265699.90927869
13500:1 Mag:BSA:Au sonicated0.046476849.242549.196023299.90561649
13000:1 Mag:BSA:Au oven0.0468595249.242549.1956404899.90483928
16500:1 Mag:Heme:Au oven0.0444779249.242549.1980220899.90967575
16500:1 Mag:Heme:Au sonicated0.0440078449.242549.1984921699.91063037

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