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  • Crosslink PVOH films through dehydration.
  • Prepare more PVOH (MW 130,000) films using HCl, H3<sub/>PO4,and maleic or succinnic acid
  • Run solubility tests of crosslinked and uncrosslinked PVOH films
  • Run Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Differential Scanning calorimetry(DSC) on PVOH films

PVOH(MW 22,000) Films

Prepared PVOH(MW 22,000) Films

' No acid HCl H3PO4
No acid1.01150.51811.0054
10 wt% maleic acid0.5181
15 wt% maleic acid1.0054
10 wt% succinic acid0.5163
15 wt% succinic acid1.0125

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